A few words about MFB


About US

MFB Walling (Pty) Ltd was established in 1996 by the owner, Michael Frederick Barnard, who began manufacturing and installing pre-cast concrete walling. Mike has spent many years in the business of pre-cast walling, 34 years to date, having been taught by his late father who opened a pre-cast walling business in the 50’s.

The factory is situated in Putfontein on the East Rand, and boasts an enormous yard suitable for the production of the different types of walling and the manufacture of steel gates. There are welding workshops, workshops where the fleet of trucks are maintained by first-class mechanic, and offices. Most of all, the company has a top class field of workers who have been with company since it was established.

There is also a team of 6 independently contracted erectors, who, together with their teams, go out and erect the walling for our clients. These men are highly skilled and have been in this business for years. The yard workers are divided into sections for the different types of walling, and each section is controlled by a senior, skilled member of the yard workers.

Sales representatives are contracted to the company and are available at all times to answer to clients’ needs and go out to the premises where clients want walling erected in order to measure up and give written quotations. We have successfully completed many projects ranging from domestic to large industrial projects, some of which have consisted of numerous kilometers. Basically our aim is to provide excellent service with quality materials to clients.

As may be seen from the photographs, there are various types of walling availed to choose from, including steel gates which are manufactured on our premises. We have recently introduced concrete kerbing as one of our new products. All walling is guaranteed for two years and our prices are competitive.

Other initiatives include donations to homes for abandoned and orphaned children. Assuring you of our best service and attention at all times.