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Exterior Perimeter Walls - A Necessity For Security And Privacy

Exterior perimeter walls are one of the important features of homes.  In recent years they have become increasingly popular due to the prevailing harsh security climate.  The days of open gardens are long past.

Surrounding walls demarcate the boundary of one's property as well as adding an aesthetic quality. A visitor to one's home has certain expectations of the sort of life style of the occupant, when he looks onto the outside wall of the stand.

Most people, when they think of enclosing their property, think first of security and then privacy.  

A wide choice of pre-cast walls is available.  These materials include face brick (chip brick), concrete and steel.  Interesting combinations of these products are much in evidence around the suburbs.   Atop many of the walls, one often finds razor wire and electric fencing.

A great advantage of using brick is the fact that pre-cast face brick walls are maintenance free.

A great advantage of pre-cast walls, is that they block out the sound from nearby highways and motorways.  The use of different heights and patterns avoids possible monotony, are quick to construct and can be painted to the colour of one's choice.

There has been a great swing towards the erection of steel inserts in pre-cast walls.  One of its major advantages is that passers-by can be seen, which has an inhibiting effect on would be intruders.  It also gives a softer vista by showing the facade of the house behind it.

Plants and pre-cast walls have a wonderful reciprocal relationship to one another.  Plants help walling to become more a part of the landscape by softening the stern lines of the structure.

There are certain municipal by-laws relating to the height of a surrounding wall.  It is also wise to check these with the local council.

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